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There is a range of different types of Spanish work permits, as well as exemptions, depending on your future employment situation in Spain.

In most cases, a job will need to be arranged before you can apply for a permit to move to Spain.

After you have secured a job, your employer must request authorization – a work permit – for you to legally work in Spain. This will be granted if the job is listed in the Shortage Occupation List or if the vacancy has been advertised and there are no other suitable candidates already in Spain.

Once authorization to work has been granted, you can apply for a visa.

Permits are granted for specific sectors and geographic Spanish areas so it is usually possible to change jobs as long as you work in the same field and geographic area.

The work permit is valid for one year and it is a renewable permit that may lead to a Permanent Residence and Citizenship in the future.

Our services include:

  • Standard residence and work permit for employees
  • Cross-border workers
  • Seasonal workers
  • Residence and work permit for highly qualified professionals (BlueCard)
  • Visa and residence permit for highly qualified professionals under Law 14/2013
  • Visa and residence permit for training, research, development and innovation activities under Law 14/2013
  • Visa and residence permit for intra-company transfers under Law 14/203

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