International Mobility

Family Migration


People who have had a residence permit for one year in Spain and have the residence permit for at least one more year can reunite their family members living abroad.

Family members are:

  • The spouse (only one), not separated de facto or de jure, and provided that the marriage is genuine.
  • The person who is in a relationship with the applicant, similar to that of marriage (recorded in a public registry or proven by the applicant).
  • Dependants: The resident’s unmarried children o those of the spouse or partner, including adopted children. Direct descendants over 18 with disabilities Children or other persons over 18 with disabilities whom the resident is legal guardian o representative.
  • Parents of the resident, or those of the spouse or partner, over 65. Exceptionally on humanitarian ground a residence permit might be granted for parents under 65.

Minor children already living in Spain (of parents living legally in the country) can obtain their legal residence too.

Our services include:

  • Family reunion permits
  • Residence permits for minor children born in Spain
  • Residence permits for minor children born abroad

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