EU Mobility



As an EEA national you have a right to come and live or work or study in Spain without any restrictions. You can reside here for up to three months, or longer if  you are a qualified person. The category of qualified people includes workers, self-employed and self-sufficient people and students. Your family, whether European nationals themselves or not, can come with you or join you, subject to certain restrictions. There are two groups of family members: direct family members and extended family, and different rules apply to each.


Family members of a qualified person may retain their rights to residence in the Spain in a wide range of circumstances, even where the qualified person dies or a marriage or partnership breaks down.


EEA nationals and their family members have rights to documentation providing evidence of their status. After five years’ residence in the Spain relying on your rights as an EEA national, you can apply for permanent residence. Later, if you wish, you can apply for Spanish citizenship.

Our services include:

  • EU Registration Certificate
  • Residence permit as a Family member of EU Citizen
  • Residence permit for unmarried partners of EU Citizen
  • Retention of EU rights after divorce
  • Blue Card
  • EU Long Term residence Permit
  • Post Workers

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